Execute comorbidity analyses on-line by Comorbidity4web

Comorbidity4web is a Web application, powered by Comorbidity4j, that enables the execution of comorbidity analyses directly from your Web browser.

Comorbidity4web is a Comorbidity4j server available as an online service: comorbidity analyses executed by Comorbidity4web expects the same input data and produce the same set of interactive Web visualizations generated by Comorbidity4j, but data are processed online. In this way it is possible to enforce a greater data privacy or to exploit more powerful workstations. Alternatively, here there are detailed instruction on how to execute comorbidity analysis locally on your PC by means of Comorbidity4j.

Comorbidity4web is accessible at:

DISCLAIMER: The patient-disease data that are uploaded to the Comorbidity4web Service will NOT be stored in Comorbidity4web server. The results of comorbidity analyses will be automatically deleted from the Comorbidity4web server after 24 hours from the execution of the analysis. After eventually downloading the results, Comorbidity4web users can trigger the deletion of the results from the server by means of Comorbidity4web interface.

As an alternative, users can execute the same comorbidity analyses supported by Comorbidity4web, locally on their PC by downloading Comorbidity4j - see: Executing Comorbidity4j on your pc