Executing Comorbidity4j on your pc

Before Executing the Comorbidity4j

Comorbidity4j has to be executed by Java 1.8 or newer. As a consequence, as a prerequisite for the execution of Comorbidity4j you need to have Java installed.

Download the JAR package

The compressed archive ( that contains the latest version (LATEST_VERS = 3.3) of comorbidity4j can be downloaded at the following URL:

Comorbidity4j Execution

  • Unzip the archive ( that contains the latest version of comorbidity4j and open the folder 'comorbidity4j-LATEST_VERS'
  • Start the comorbidity4j local service (server) by executing the following command from the folder 'comorbidity4j-LATEST-VERS':
// Linux users:  
java -cp './comorbidity4j-LATEST-VERS.jar:./lib/*' es.imim.ibi.comorbidity4j.server.StartComorbidity4j  

// Windows users:  
java -cp "c:\Full\Local\Path\To\comorbidity4j-LATEST-VERS\comorbidity4j-LATEST-VERS.jar;c:\Full\Local\Path\To\comorbidity4j-LATEST-VERS\lib\*" es.imim.ibi.comorbidity4j.server.StartComorbidity4j  
  • Open by your favorite Web browser the URL: http://localhost:8181/comorbidity4web/. Here you can access the Web interface that will drive you throughout the different step and the exploration of results of a comorbidity analysis. The same Web interface can be accessed at as the COmorbidity4web service, for online execution of comorbidity analyses.


Once uploaded the input files, defined the diagnosis grouping and pairing patterns and the comorbidity analysis parameters, the COmorbidity4j Web interface allows to trigger a comorbidity analysis. A new browser tab opens where the user can interactively monitor the progress of the analysis and, once terminated, can access the following set of links to:

An example of the Web page where the comorbidity analysis execution can be monitored and the results accessed is:

Comorbidity analysis monitoring and result link page
Comorbidity analysis monitoring and result link page